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Hillel's signature Mr. Balloon Man act on Broadway's 


With Julie Andrews. Directed by Blake Edwards.

"Mr. Balloon Man Becomes Scene-Stealer in `Victor/Victoria'."

"Only Julie Andrews receives louder applause each night."
Paige Smoron
Chicago Sun-Times

"Balloon Man inflates his bit part in `Victor/Victoria'"
"For more than four minutes in the first act of this $8.5 million showcase for Julie Andrews, Hillel the Balloon Man is the star."
Joe Pixler
Chicago Tribune

"Nobody but Edwards would put an incredible (and terrific) "balloon man" (played by Hillel) vaudeville act in the middle of the first act that literally stops the show."
Richard Christiansen
Chief Critic, Chicago Tribune

... "Hillel, the show-stopping Balloon Man... in top form."
Richard Christiansen
Chief Critic, Chicago Tribune

"THE BALLOON MAN, Hillel, does his act on stage with a purple balloon...
Suddenly he's awesome. The audience roars all through his act. You hear people talking
about him in the lobby two hours later."
Philip Weiss
The New York Times
Sunday Magazine


"Mr. Balloon Man is a Scene-Stealer in Broadway's `Victor/Victoria'".

Fox TV News

More Reviews from Notable Sources


"You have to see this guy. It's frightening"

Jay Leno


"The most mesmerizing act I've ever seen". Maury Povich



"Did I tell you he is thspokesman for Trojan? ..." 

Howie Mandel


"Congratulations! You do it so well!"

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

"Mr. Balloon Man" Hillel, a Magic Castle favorite, stretched the bounds of reality and drew thunderous applause in The Palace of Mystery stage. 

Daniel Ulin - Genii Magazine


"Hillel the Balloon Man is 'sui generis'" 

L.A. Weekly

Seeing is believing!

Who's afraid of Mr Balloon Man?

Newspaper review Mr. Balloon Man @ Lily Langtry Theater
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